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MoodTracker is a free and open source web app app that aims to help you understand yourself better. Track your emotional landscape, keep a mood journal and gain new insights into yourself. It's simple to use, works offline and because it runs in your browser you can use it across all your devices!

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The app is mostly just nice graphs 🤓

Analyze your mood over time


Review on a weekly or monthly basis

StatLast weekThis week
Average mood6.1
Best mood8.0
Worst mood4.0
Standard deviation1.00.5
Total moods recorded6131

Describe how you feel and reflect on it

You can record a short description of your mood and reflect on it on a week-by-week or month-by-month basis.

See how your mood fluctuates by day of the week

MoodTracker can analyze your data over time to give you insights about how the day of the week influences your mood.

MonTueWedThuFriSatSun4. mood

See how your mood fluctuates by the time of day

MoodTracker can also analyze your data over time to give you insights about how the time of day influences your mood. This can help you understand yourself better 😌

12 AM4 AM8 AM12 PM4 PM8 PM012345678910Hour of dayMood

See how often you log moods


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