Welcome to the MoodTracker blog!

This space is for announcing interesting new features and developments. Less exciting stuff like bugfixes, performance improvements and minor UI changes won't get a mention here.

Average mood by hour

You can now see your average mood by hour on the weekly, monthly and yearly statistics pages.

Screenshot demonstrating the average mood by hour chart

This can give you insights about how the time of day impacts your mood. For instance, there's clearly an afternoon dip in this chart. With MoodTracker you can run experiments and see the results, perhaps trying different foods for lunch or getting more sleep at night can change the way you feel throughout the course of the day. MoodTracker makes it easy to discover what works best for you!

If you're signed in then take a look at your stats here.

Improvements to the explore page

The Explore page has had some updates. There are now 4 charts on it and they all update to reflect the date range you select. You can take a look at your average mood over the hours of the day, or the days of the week for the time range you select. This should allow you to view your data in new ways and gain new insights.

We'd show you a screenshot but there are too many charts to display, so if you're signed in then go ahead and check out the Explore page here!

New feature - search and filter

You can now search and filter through all your moods!

Screenshot demonstrating the new search feature

This can lead to some interesting insights. For instance:

  • You can now review your best and worst moments.
  • You can search for different activities you've logged in your explorations to see how they impact your mood (see the screenshot above). Filter through your hobbies and see what you most enjoy doing.
  • You can even take a look at how you rank your different emotions on average by filtering the description field.

There are all sorts of possibilities here for exploring patterns in your emotional life.

You'll need to have a few moods logged before you can make use of this feature. When you have enough entries you'll see the search toggle and be able to get started on your homepage.


New feature - data export

We've added a data export feature that allows you to export all your data. You can load it into a spreadsheet, save it somewhere or do whatever you want with it - it's your data!

Screenshot showing the data export page

You can find this feature in the menu or if you're signed in then check it out here.

Hope you like it!

Yearly statistics and other improvements to stats

We've made a number of changes to your stats pages.

First up we've added a year page which allows you to review your mood over the course of an entire year. The most interesting new visualization is the day-by-day calendar view:

Screenshot demonstrating the whole year calendar view

We've made a number of other tweaks and enhancements too, for instance it is much easier to navigate around your stats now. All views are linked so it is easy to drill down from year to month to week and to drill up from week to month to year.

Hope you enjoy these new features and gain new insights from them!

New feature - date controls on explore page

We've made a minor change to the explore page to make it a bit more powerful. Now you can select the exact date range that you want to examine. Hope you find it useful!

Screenshot demonstrating the calendar view

New feature - calendar view

Welcome 2021! Just a quick one, we've added a new calendar visualization to the month pages. Hope you find it useful and enjoy.

Screenshot demonstrating the calendar view

New feature - exploration

Welcome to the MoodTracker blog! I thought I'd start this so people can see what's been going on with the app.

Most recently we've added an exploration field that let's you add a proper journal entry with each mood you record.

Screenshot demonstrating adding a mood with an exploration

You can use this space to explore how you're feeling, why you're feeling that way and what's been going on in your life.

Screenshot showing a created mood with an exploration

Hope you enjoy the new feature and find it useful, take care and have a happy new year!